Plinth was formed in Askøy (Bergen, Norway) 2017 by Markus Rocknrolla Nødtvedt, Sindre Fauskanger, Eirik J. Nilsen and Stefan Roke.

The band plays groovy rock 'n' roll with inspiration from the 70's.

With Markus Rocknrolla Nødtvedt on lead vocals & guitar, Sindre Fauskanger on organ & guitar, Stefan Roke on Bass and Eirik Johan Nilsen behind the drumkit they are ready to groove their way into 21st century! 

Biker Girl

"Damn this is badass! It ain't easy to get an authentic classic rock sound down, especially with originals." - Music Mecca

Driving that axe of soaring vocals and grinding riffs, you're kept in the loop, of sanity. Get up, and rock out. They make up this straight shooting rock surprise, as they cast away your norms and stress away.
Live performance? Heck yea. - comeherefloyd


Eirik J. Nilsen - Drums
Stefan Roke - Bass
Sindre Fauskanger - Guitar and keys
Markus Rocknrolla Nødtvedt - Vocals and Guitar